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WLAK Packer Wireline Adapter Kit



The WLAK Wireline Adapter Kit is used to connect a Pinnacle wireline set tool with a #10 or #20 wireline or hydraulic setting tool. When running the WLAK Wireline Adapter Kit with PX or PXN profiles in a PL-8K or PL-10K On-Off Assembly stinger, the plug prong must be shortened to accommodate the inner adapter spacing. Extended length adapter kits are available if required, but the shortened prong is the preferred method creating a shorter overall packer assembly.


• Allows wireline plugs to be run in place in stinger.
• Allows for all common wireline plugs.
• Wireline plug set in stinger at top of packer prevents debris build up.
• Eliminates the need for wireline profile nipples or plugging devices below packer.
• Comes standard with Baker E-4™ setting tool connections or equivalent.


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