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PTC Retrievable Bridge Plug



The PTC Retrievable Bridge Plug is a high performance tool that will hold high pressure from above and below. The PTC bridge plug is used primarily for treating, testing and fracturing of the well bore.

The PTC bridge plug is designed with a large internal bypass to prevent swabbing when running and retrieving. The large bypass closes during the setting of the plug and opens prior to releasing the upper slips to equalize pressure when unsetting. The PTC retrievable bridge plug has the added feature of being able to be set in tension, making it ideal for setting shallow to test wellhead equipment or in deep high pressure wells.

When running on wireline the PTC Wireline Adapter Kit must be used. The standard spring loaded retrieving tool is used to retrieve the tubing set and wireline set versions of the PTC Retrievable Bridge Plug.


Run to setting depth using the PTC Retrieving Tool, making sure that the last tubing movement is upward. Apply right hand torque to the tubing string (standard right hand jay) and slack off sufficient tubing weight onto the bridge plug to set the lower slips and lock the PTC Retrievable Bridge Plug in the set position. The PTC bridge plug elements can then be packed off using either tubing tension or if enough string weight is present packed off in compression. Once the PTC bridge plug is set slack off tubing weight onto bridge plug, apply a quarter left hand rotation and pick up tubing string releasing the Retrieving Tool from the PTC bridge plug.

Lower the tubing string slowly until the PTC Retrieving Tool automatically latches onto the PTC bridge plug. Any debris may be washed off the top of the PTC bridge plug by circulating through the upper portion of the PTC bridge plug. Set weight onto the PTC bridge plug and apply right hand torque. Pick up the tubing string slowly to open the bypass valve and equalize pressure across the bridge plug. Wait until pressure above and below the bridge plug have been equalized. Continued upward movement of the tubing string releases the upper slips and elements. Further upward movement will put the bridge plug in the run position where it can be relocated and reset or pulled from the well.


  • Tubing or wireline set.
  • Can be set shallow or deep.
  • Withstands high pressure from above or below.
  • One quarter right hand set and release (tubing set version).
  • Pressure equalizes before releasing upper slips.
  • Large internal bypass to prevent swabbing.
  • Spring loaded retrieving tool prevents accidental release from PTC bridge plug


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