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Reverse Tubing Drain



The Pinnacle Reverse Tubing Drain is an annular pressure activated equalization sub. When opened the Reverse Tubing Drain allows communication between the casing annulus and tubing. The Reverse Tubing Drain is unaffected by tubing movement, tubing pressure or flow rate. The annulus pressure required to open the Reverse Tubing Drain is easily field adjustable by the removal or addition of shear screws.


The Reverse Tubing Drain is usually positioned in the tubing string above a packer. When communication is required between the casing annulus and tubing, the required casing annulus pressure is applied shearing the shear screws, shifting the sleeve and opening the drain.


• Provides communication between casing annulus and tubing.
• Simple, reliable design.
• Easily field adjustable shear.
• Activated by differential pressure.
• Unaffected by tubing pressure, tubing movement or flow rate.


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