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Tubing Swivel



The Pinnacle Tubing Swivel allows surface connections to remain in place while the work string is rotated and moved. It is primarily used in conjunction with the Pinnacle Selective Stimulation Assembly to provide a means of operating the MBV Bypass Valve while the treating line is connected. The Tubing Swivel can also be used in conjunction with other Pinnacle equipment during various treating, stimulation or clean out operations.


When the tubing swivel is attached to the tubing, it is strongly recommended that the treating line be secured to the Tubing Swivel or other stationary equipment that is rated to support the load exerted from the weight of the treating line. Secure with a suitable safety chain or cable as a safety precaution. Lock other rotating equipment such as the traveling block or top drive to prevent them from rotating instead of the tubing swivel.


  • Allows tubing to be rotated or moved with out having to disconnect treating line.
  • Reliable thrust bearing design able to rotate easily at max work load.
  • Common line pipe inlet connection.
  • One Tubing swivel can be used with 60.3 mm or 73 mm (2 3/8”, 2 7/8”) tubing with unique step design handling sub


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