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Pump-Off Bit Sub



The Pump-Off Bit Sub is a reliable one way flapper/ball check valve device used to prevent well bore fluids or gases from being introduced into the tubing string. This tool is used in conjunction with a Bit or Mill to complete a workover or completion. Upon completing the milling/drilling operation and landing the tubing at surface, a ball is dropped and or pumped to the seat in the Pump Off Bit Sub. Once the ball seats, pre-determined pump pressure will cause the locking mechanism to shear and release the bottom sub. Once the sub has been released full tubing ID is achieved through the tool. Pinnacle offers three different models of Pump Off Bit Sub: single flapper, double flapper, and ball check valve.


• Reliable design.
• Easily field adjustable shear mechanism.
• Drop ball actuated.
• Torque thru.
• Balanced piston.
• Multiple models: single flapper, double flapper and ball check valve.
• Comes standard in common API connections.
• High tensile strength.


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