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Dual String Anchor



The Dual String Anchor provides an effective and economical method of anchoring the short string in a dual string completion allowing for it to be pulled into tension. The short tubing string is anchored to the primary or long tubing string which in turn is anchored to a packer. The Dual String Anchor supports the short string in the case of a part preventing it from falling further into the well bore and onto the packer.

The Dual String Anchor is composed of an anchor body and latch sub. The long string isattached to the anchor body. The short string is attached to the anchor body using the latch subwhich releases with applied right hand torque and tension. The Dual String Anchor meets NACEMR-01-75 specifications for H2S.


Install the Dual String Anchor Body onto the long tubing string at the required point so that when the long string is landed the anchor body is at the required landing depth for the short tubing string. Once the packer has been set and the primary tubing string landed, the latch sub is attached to the bottom of the short string and run in. The sub will automatically locate and latch into the Dual String Anchor.

Release the latch sub with 1/3 of a turn to the right at the anchor and then apply tension to the short tubing string. Anchor Body is retrieved with the primary or long tubing string.


  • Cost effective and reliable.
  • Allows short tubing string to be pulled into tension.
  • Prevents short tubing string from falling should it part.
  • Short tubing string in tension increases pump efficiency and minimizes rod and tubing wear.
  • Latch sub automatically latches into anchor body and releases with 1/3 of a turn to the right.
  • Meets NACE MR-01-75 specifications for H2Senvironments.


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