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PX-10 Mechanical Set, Double Grip Packer



The Pinnacle PX-10 Mechanical Set, Double Grip Retrievable Packer is a rugged versatile packer. The PX-10 is the perfect packer for any application which requires a high performance double grip, retrievable packer.

The PX-10 is a high pressure 69 MPa (10,000 psi) rated packer (in most sizes) and can be set with a minimum amount of tubing weight and packed off in tension which make it a good choice when shallower depths are encountered. It can also be set using compression if there is enough tubing weight available to properly pack-off the elements. Once set the PX-10 can be left in tension, compression or in neutral and will hold pressure from above or below. A large internal bypass reduces swabbing and surging effect during run in and retrieval, and closes when the packer is set. When the packer is released, the bypass opens first allowing the pressure to equalize before the upper slips are released. The Pinnacle PX-10 also features an upper-slip releasing system that reduces the force required to release the packer. Anon-directional slip is released first, making it easier to release the other slips.


The PX-10 is run to the required setting depth. With the last tubing movement up, apply a quarter turn to the right at the tool and lower until the packer begins taking tubing weight. Release torque and set down required tubing weight at the packer to close bypass valve, then pull the necessary tension for element pack-off. The tubing string can now be left in tension, compression or neutral.

With tubing weight on the packer, apply right hand torque. Pick up the tubing string, opening the bypass and equalizing pressure across the packer. Continue picking up to release the elements and lock the PX-10 into the running position. The tool may now be retrieved from the well.


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