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PCR Mechanical Setting Tool (MST)



The PCR Mechanical Setting Tool is designed to run and set PCR Cement Retainers mechanically on tubing. In addition to the setting function the PCR Mechanical Setting Tool will operate the PCR Cement Retainer sleeve valve once it is set.


Run the PCR Mechanical Setting Tool/Retainer combination assembly at a moderate rate of speed while preventing right-hand rotation from being transmitted to the setting tool. It is recommended that the tubing be rotated to the left every ten stands until positive resistance is felt.

When the desired setting depth has been reached pull the assembly 1 m (3 ft) above the desired setting point. Rotate the tubing to the right sufficiently to transmit 10 turns to the setting assembly while lowering the tubing to the desired setting point.

Pull recommended tension above string weight, setting the slips and creating a pack off (See setting chart on next page). Slack off equivalent amount of weight onto assembly and again apply recommended tension. The retainer is now set and pressure testing may be performed.

The setting tool may be released from the cement retainer by pulling a consistent 250 daN (560 lbs) tension over string weight while rotating the tubing string 10 turns to the right. The setting tool may be re-latched into the PCR Cement Retainer by slacking off 500 daN (1,125 lbs) of string weight and released by applying 2,000 daN (4,500 lbs) tension. The snap out forces will decrease after repeated usage and should stabilize at 1000 daN (2,250 lbs) over string weight. The PCR Cement Retainer sleeve valve is opened with downward motion (compression) and closed with upward motion (tension). There is 5 cm (2”) of travel from closed to open position.


• Simple dependable operation.
• Positive, reliable latch provides indication of stinger position.
• Isolates pressure between the tubing and annulus.
• Right hand rotation to set the PCR Cement Retainer.
• Cost effective when compared to wireline costs.
• Same tool used to set cement retainer and function sleeve valve.
• Locked to cement retainer or bridge plug to avoid premature setting or loss.
• Top slips partially covered to prevent accidental damage and pre-set.


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