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TTP Tandem Tension Packer



The TTP Tandem Tension Packer provides an economical means to isolate multiple zones. The TTP Packer is used as the upper isolation packer in a single string, tandem packer configuration with another double grip or tension set Pinnacle Packer below.


The TTP Tandem Tension Packer can be set in 2 ways. In the un-jayed position simply apply enough tension to shear the brass shear screws and pack-off the elements. In the jayed position, set down weight shearing the brass shear screws, then rotate1/8 right hand turn at packer and pull tension to energize the packing elements. To release, set down weight to remove applied tension and engage the unloader to equalize pressure. Rotate 1/8 left hand turn at the packer to re-engage into running position.


• Tension set.
• Full Bore Design.
• Simple, economical packer for zone isolation.
• Built in equalization system.
• Available in left or right hand jay configurations.
• Shear pinned for safe running.


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