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PCP Cup Packer



The PCP Cup Packer is a simple and economical packer that can be used for injection, production, isolating casing leaks or zones. The PCP packer is available in single or double cup designs. Usually the cups are run in multiples of two and facing towards or away from center depending on application. Opposed cups allows pressure to be isolated from either direction at the same time.


Run the PCP packer to setting depth. The cups are friction fit and are energized by differential pressure. The PCP packer does not have an internal bypass. To minimize surging or swabbing it is recommended to run a mechanism for fluid or gas bypass such as the Pinnacle MBV Bypass Valve.

The PCP Packer is retrieved with straight pull of the tubing string.


• Simple to operate and economical.
• Full bore design.
• Available in single or double cup design.
• Compact flexible design.
• Uses wire re-enforced cups with optional heavy duty cups.
• Available in a variety of materials.


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