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PA-III Single Grip Tension Packer



The PA-III is a compact, economical, retrievable tension set packer used for injection, testing and production. The PA-III is tension set and is ideally suited for shallow wells where annulus pressure is not expected to exceed tubing pressure.

The PA-III Tension Packer incorporates an adjustable safety shear release with a full bore design allowing unrestricted fluid flow and wireline tool movement through the packer. The PA-III packer is set with a quarter turn to the right at the packer and comes with a secondary right hand rotational emergency release top sub


Run the PA-III packer to setting depth. With the last tubing movement downward, apply a quarter turn to the right at the tool and pick up applying appropriate amount of tubing tension to pack-off the element of the packer.

With tubing in tension, simply lower the tubing with left hand torque applied releasing the packer. The packer will lock in the run position for retrieving or re-setting.


• Simple to operate and economical.
• Full bore design.
• Field adjustable emergency pull shear release.
• Secondary rotational emergency release.
• Drag blocks with inconel springs.


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