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PH-6 Hydraulic-Set Production Packer



The Pinnacle PH-6 Hydraulic-Set Retrievable Packer is a compact, economical double grip packer designed for low to medium pressure applications. The short body length makes it ideal for tight radius deviations and horizontal applications. The packer requires no downward mandrel movement for setting, allowing stacked packer applications. Straight pull releases the packer, and built in bypass ports equalize pressure across the packer for ease of retrieval. The shear release mechanism is isolated from the packer hydraulics to allow low releasing forces, even at full pressure differential. Many different elastomer and metallurgical options are available for hostile environments upon request.


• No downward mandrel movement for setting.
• Low setting pressure: 13.8 MPa (2,000 psi) minimum.
• Straight-pull release, adjustable up to 22,250 daN (50,000 lbs).
• Shear screws isolated from hydraulic pressure.
• Short overall length.
• Pressure differential rating: 41.4 MPa (6,000 psi).
• Meets NACE MR-01-75 specifications for H2S service.
• Temperature rating: 135o C (275o F) in standard trim.
• Available in a variety of materials and elastomer combinations.


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