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HDST Hydraulic Setting Tool



Pinnacle’s Heavy Duty Hydraulic Setting Tool (HDST) is ideally suited to set seal bore packers on tubing or drill pipe. The flexible design permits altering the setting tool to fill a variety of needs. With a compact O.D. and stackable setting pistons, the HDST sets all packer sizes from 5″ and up by changing the adapter kit. The heavy duty design allows the packer to be set with pressure, or with a combination of pressure and tension. Large fluid passages permit the tool to operate reliably in heavy mud. The HDST permits annulus testing after setting the packer and is released by right-hand rotation or shear release depending on the adapter kit. The ball seat may be sheared after setting the packer to allow the setting string to drain during trip-out.


Attach the Seal Bore Packer using the appropriate WLAK Wireline Adapter Kit. The tubing may be allowed to fill as the assembly is lowed into the wellbore. Run the bottom hole assembly to the desired setting depth. Drop the ball from surface and allow the ball enough time to gravitate into place or slowly circulate it into place. Apply appropriate pressure needed above wellbore pressure to activate the HDST Hydraulic Setting Tool and set the Seal Bore Packer. Once the Packer has been set increase tubing pressure to shear out ball seat. 10-14 turns to the right in 0.5 daN (1,124 lbf) of tension will release the setting tool.

The HDST Hydraulic Setting Tool will drain when being pulled from the wellbore.

NOTE: If the setting assembly is run in the hole with a blanking plug in place precautions must be taken. Do not attempt to fill the tubing while running in the wellbore since this may cause a premature or partial set. Low fluid level wellbores also present a problem with differences between the casing and tubing pressure causing difficulties with releasing from the tool. Please consult with your Pinnacle Oil Tools Representative for correct running procedures.


  • High setting forces, up to 66,723 daN (150,000 lbf).
  • Packer may be set with pressure only, or pressure and tension.
  • Flexible design for a variety of completion needs.
  • Circulation permitted before packer is set.
  • Large fluid passages will not plug in heavy mud.
  • Stackable pistons optimize setting pressure to output force.
  • Packer seal permits testing annulus before release from the packer.
  •  Shear out ball seat permits tool to drain during trip-out.
  • Elastomers suitable for up to 204º C (400 F), higher temp kit available.
  • Ideal for highly deviated and horizontal wells.


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