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Pinnacle Seal Bore Packer Seal Assemblies are designed to provide a high performance, leak proof seal between a Pinnacle Seal Bore Packer and the production string. Pinnacle Oil Tools can supply several seal configurations with several choices of alloy steels. This allows Pinnacle to provide the best combination of seals and materials for our customers requirements. If required, high alloy metals are also available on advance order. There are also other elastomer materials that can be supplied for special applications. In most applications the Seal Assemblies feature the Chevron Seal Type which has proven to be by far the most reliable and versatile seal type for high pressure, hostile environments.

Latch Seal Assembly

The Pinnacle Latch Seal Assembly is used for applications in which it is desirable to latch the Seal Assembly into a Seal Bore Packer. A Latch Seal Assembly is commonly used in conjunction with a Polished Bore Receptacle or when other devices such as expansion joints are run. It is important to note that a Latch Seal Assembly is not recommended when upward tubing movement caused by excessive temperature or pressure may exceed tensile limitations. If these conditions are expected a Locator or Floating style Seal Assembly is recommended or the use of a tubing installed expansion device.

Locator Seal Assembly

The Pinnacle Locator Seal Assembly is used for applications in which it is desirable to land the Seal Assembly into a Seal Bore Packer. The Locator Seal Assembly will prevent downward movement of the tubing and should be used when upward or no tubing movement is anticipated. It is important to note that a Locator Seal Assembly must be configured properly with the matching Seal Bore Packer accessories to account for any tubing movement to ensure seals are always engaged in the seal bore of the packer.

Most styles of seal assemblies have a flexible modular design that enables the attachment of various components such as seal units, spacer tubes, seal nipples, production tubes or barrier seals to make up long Seal Assemblies for use with Seal Bore Extensions.

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