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CWR Retrievable Bridge Plug



The CWR Retrievable Bridge Plug is a proven and reliable wireline or hydraulically set retrievable bridge plug. It is commonly used for zone or well isolation during fracturing, acidizing, cement squeezing, testing or surface repair operations.

The CWR Retrievable Bridge Plug has case hardened double acting slips that anchor the Bridge Plug securely in virtually any grade of casing and will hold pressure from above or below. The three element pack off design ensures reliable sealing at high pressure and temperature. The unique equalizing valve design allows any pressure differential to be equalized before the Retrieving Tool is latched onto the bridge plug. This feature is especially advantageous when retrieving the CWR on endless tubing, braided wireline or sandline. When using the CWR Retrieving Tool on endless tubing, braided wireline or sandline a Safety Release Sub should be used in conjunction with the Retrieving Tool. The Retrieving Tool may be disconnected from the Bridge Plug if necessary with approximately 8 to 10 turns of right hand rotation while holding a slight amount of tension.


The CWR Bridge Plug is connected to a wireline or Pinnacle Hydraulic Setting Tool using the appropriate WLAK adapter kit and ran to required setting depth and set. To retrieve the CWR Retrievable Bridge Plug lower the Retrieving Tool onto the Bridge Plug while circulating any sand or debris off the plug. Once set down weight has overcome the pre-set equalizing valve shear value the Retrieving Tool will open the equalizing valve, allowing any pressure differential to equalize. Continued downward movement will latch the Retrieving Tool onto the Bridge Plug. Upward motion will release the bridge plug.

NOTE: Please discuss with Pinnacle Oil Tools Representative about recommended setting depths and retrieval options.


  • May be lubricated into the well under pressure.
  • Wireline or hydraulic set.
  • Three element design for reliable high pressure and temperature operation.
  • Built in equalizing system.
  • Releases with straight pull with no rotation needed.
  • May be retrieved on tubing, endless tubing, braided wireline or sandline.
  • Case hardened double acting slips hold securely against pressure from above or below


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