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HIP Hydraulic Isolation Packer



The HIP Hydraulic Isolation Packer is an economical, hydraulic set, single string tandem packer used in multiple zone wellbores. The HIP packer is used as the upper packer in multiple zone applications when run in tandem with a mechanical or hydraulically anchored packer. The HIP packer uses an internal ratchet design that traps the setting force applied to the elements for pack-off. The HIP packer also utilizes a reliable three element design.


Run the HIP packer to setting depth in tandem with an anchor type packer. Set the bottom packer. Pressure against a plugging device in the tubing to set the HIP packer. The HIP Packer is retrieved by straight pull of the tubing string shearing the shear pins and releasing the elements.

NOTE: Type of packer run in tandem with the HIP Packer will govern releasing procedures. If the packer is mechanical set then it is likely it will need to be released first thus releasing the HIP packer while pulling tubing. If the packer is hydraulic set then it is likely to have the same releasing procedure as the HIP Packer and will release by applying tubing tension.


• Simple to operate and economical.
• Full bore design.
• Compact.
• Field adjustable anti pre-set and releasing shear values.
• Reliable three element design.
• Available in a variety of materials and elastomer configurations.

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