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HCT Hydraulic Coil Tubing Packer



The HCT Hydraulic Coil Tubing Packer is a single string, fully locking, retrievable packer designed for applications where high differential pressures above 21MPa (3000 psi) are not expected, allowing for the use of a lighter duty more economical packer.

This packer is suitable for applications where displacing and setting after the well head has been installed are desirable. The HCT combines a ratchet system to lock in hydraulic pack-off force, built in equalizing system and adjustable setting pressure and shear release.


The HCT Packer is run to setting depth and set by pressuring up the tubing against a plugging device such as a pump out plug or wireline blanking plug. Applied pressure will set the slips and element. The packer is locked in the set position with a ratchet locking mechanism.

To release the HCT Packer an upward pull in excess of the pre-set shear value will open the equalizing by-pass and lock the packer in the running position.


• Low hydraulic setting pressure.
• Set by hydraulic pressure using air, nitrogen or fluid.
• Ratchet system locks in hydraulic pack-off force.
• Single element with double acting slip design.
• Built in equalizing system.
• Option to set with wellhead landed.


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