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PHLB Hydraulic Permanent Packer



The model PHLB Hydraulic Permanent Packer is identical to the Model PHSB but with the addition of a larger I.D. upper seal bore. This large upper seal bore results in a larger I.D. seal assembly and provides unrestricted I.D. through the lower seal bore of the packer. The PHLB packer is ideal for use in applications where a high performance hydraulic set permanent packer with a large unrestricted I.D. is required or for use in multi-packer or multi-string completions.


• Large upper seal bore allows full unrestricted lower seal bore I.D.
• Ideal for high angle deviated wells with field proven design and reliability.
• Anti-extrusion rings provide full 360 degree contact with casing for element back-up.
• All body parts secured with anti pre-set shear pins.
• Full circle, one piece, opposing, case hardened slips.
• Micro honed seal bore.
• Unique element design resists swabbing and provides a secure element pack-off when set.
• Flexible design allows for the attachment of a full spectrum of accessories such as mill out subs, seal bore extensions, tail pipe adapters etc.
• One trip hydraulic-set seal bore design.
• Wellhead can be installed before setting.
• Easily milled.
• Meets NACE MR-01-75 specifications for H2S in standard form.
• Available in a variety of material and elastomer configurations to suit virtually any hostile environment.


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