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PLH Liner Hanger Packer



The PLH Liner Hanger Packer is a compression set packer for use in open hole or casing. The PLH Liner Hanger Packer uses deep wide wicker slips that penetrate in scaly casing and open hole formations. The Packer is designed for applications in which the liner will not be cemented in place. It is commonly used when installing scab liners, suspending pre-pack sand screen, slotted liners or conventional sand screen. The PLH Liner Hanger cone is shear pinned to help eliminate premature setting of the packing element while running. Once the slips engage the cone, brass shear screws break, energizing the packing element. The PLH Liner Hanger packer is easily retrievable with standard fishing tools or may be fitted with a jay type running and retrieving system. This packer features a one piece mandrel and standard left hand setting options.

The PLH Hanger Packer is run in using the model PA Running Tool. The right hand releasing running nut is used to attach the liner assembly to the running string. The model PA Running Tool features a full floating running nut and full bearing system to ensure easy releasing. Depending on the liner hanger size, 10-14 right hand rotations will release the running tool from the PLH Liner Hanger Packer. The PA Running tool also features a barrier sub which prevents debris from hindering the operation of the running tool.


• Full bore design.
• Deep wide wicker slips.
• One piece mandrel design eliminates leak paths.
• Stainless steel drag and slip springs.
• Easily retrievable with standard fishing tools.
• Available jay type running and retrieving system.
• Lower cone is shear pinned to prevent premature setting of element(s). • Available in either manual or automatic j-slot configurations.
• Available in single, double or triple element configurations.
• Available in a variety of material and seal configurations with optional threaded connections.


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