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AT Thermal Packer



The Pinnacle AT Thermal Packer is a double grip, retrievable packer based on the rugged Pinnacle PX-10 Packer design with optional Internal Expansion Joint. The AT Thermal Packer is well suited for use in steam injection and huff and puff applications. The double grip design which holds pressure from above and below maintains pack-off and prevents movement of the element during temperature cycling. The AT Thermal Packer is equipped with high temperature EPDM elements with wire mesh back ups to prevent element extrusion for use in wellbores up to 232º C (450 º F). There is also an element package for use up to 343 º C (650º F).


The AT Thermal Packer is run to the required setting depth. With the last movement up, apply a quarter turn to the right at the packer and lower until the packer begins taking weight. Release torque and set down required tubing weight at the packer to close the bypass valve. Pull the necessary tension for element pack-off. If an integral expansion joint is run then set weight down on the packer, turn to the left and pick up to disengage the expansion joint so it is able to move freely. The tubing string can now be left in tension compression or neutral.

Re-engage the integral expansion joint by setting weight on the packer. The will cause the Jay to automatically relatch. Pull test to ensure latch. Once again set weight on the packer and apply right hand torque. Pick up on the tubing string, opening the bypass and equalizing pressure across the packer. Continue picking up to release the elements and lock the AT Thermal Packer into the run position. The tool may now be pulled from the well


• Double grip design locks in element pack-off.
• Standard element system rated to 232º C (450 º F).
• Optional integrated thermal expansion joint.
• One quarter turn to set and unset packer.
• Optional element system rated to 340º C (650º F).
• EPDM elements with wire mesh back ups to prevent seal extrusion.


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