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Downhole Tubing Swivel



The Downhole Tubing Swivel was designed for use in deviated/horizontal well bores when tubing contacting the wellbore can pose problems for the manipulation of downhole tools such as tubing anchors or packers. The Tubing Swivel is normally installed between the tubing bottom and the tool, thus allowing the tubing tail pipe to remain stationary while the tubing above the swivel turns freely. This allows for easy manipulation of the tubing string to set the packer or tubing anchor. Another application for this swivel is in horizontal re-entry wells where it is desirable to install tail pipe in the bend or horizontal section. In this situation the Tubing Swivel is installed below the desired tool. This allows the tool and the tubing above the swivel to be freely manipulated, without the hole drag caused by the tubing extending into the bend/horizontal section.


• Reliable design.
• Allows tools above tubing swivel to be manipulated freely and not hindered by tailpipe hole drag.
• Available in a wide variety of materials and thread combinations.


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