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The Pinnacle PL Permanent Seal Bore Packer combines the proven features of the model PS Permanent Packer with a larger seal bore. The model PL Permanent Packer is designed for use with large tubing sizes or parallel string installations. Depending on size, the PL Permanent Packer has a 69 MPA(10,000 psi) differential pressure rating.

The model PL is designed for safe, fast running and superior reliability. The model PL is a tough large bore packer with a proven field record. Metal anti-extrusion rings provide full 360 degree contact with the casing to prevent element extrusion due to high temperature and pressure. All PL Permanent Seal Bore Packers come standard with body parts secured in place with shear pins, full circle, one piece opposing case hardened slips, micro honed seal bore and a unique anti swab element design.

The flexible design of the PL Packer allows for easy attachment of a variety of accessories from tail pipe adapters to knock out plugs. It is designed to be run and set on an E-4 setting assembly (or equivalent) but can also be set using a hydraulic setting tool using the appropriate setting adapters.

In standard configuration the PL Packer is suitable for H2S service, meeting NACE MR-01-75 specifications. The model PL is also available in a variety of material and elastomer configurations to suit virtually any hostile environment.


• Field proven design and reliability.
• Many sizes rated at 69 MPa (10,000 psi).
• Largest possible continuous bore through a permanent seal bore packer.
• Anti-extrusion rings provide full 360 degree contact with casing for element back-up.
• All body parts secured with shear pins to prevent premature setting.
• Full circle, one piece, opposing, case hardened slips.
• Micro honed seal bore.
• Slim line design allows for safe and fast running speeds.
• Unique element design resists swabbing and provides a secure element pack-off when set.
• Flexible design allows for the attachment of a full spectrum of accessories such as mill out subs, seal bore extensions, tail pipe adapters etc.
• Can be run and set on wireline, tubing and coil tubing.
• Easily milled.
• Meets NACE MR-01-75 specifications for H2S in standard form.
• Available in a variety of material and elastomer configurations to suit virtually any hostile environment.


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