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Cup Type Gas-Vent Casing Patch



Pinnacle’s Cup Type Gas-Vent Casing Patch simply and inexpensively isolates casing leaks and non-productive perforations in rod-pump, producing installations. The Cup Type Casing Patch inner bypass enables gas to flow into the annulus, preventing pump lockup and maximize pump efficiency. Patch pipe can be installed between the cups to adjust the interval to any length when the casing leak is long or its location is unknown. The simple, inexpensive design uses existing differential pressure between casing and tubing to energize the packer cups, sealing them to the casing wall. The dual cups shut off casing leaks and nonproductive perforations so that production continues from other zones.


• Full bore design allows maximum tubing size.
• Cost effective cup design.
• Run with and left on production tubing string.
• Straight pull on tubing to release.
• Once placed in position the tubing can be left in tension, compression or neutral.
• Allows fluid/gas bypass in annulus between patch pipe and tubing string. • Tubing string can still be manipulated freely with patch in position to set other tools.
• Differential in well bore/tubing pressure energize the packer cups to seal against casing.
• Available in a variety of material and seal configurations with optional threaded connections.
• Cost effective alternative to expensive and unreliable remedial work done to fix casing.


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