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TML Tubing Anchor Catcher



The tough and reliable PC-1 Tubing Anchor Catcher is a retrievable, double grip anchor catch-er which anchors the tubing string in tension or compression in wells of any depth. Using the PC-1 Anchor Catcher prevents movement of the tubing string during pumping operations and greatly increases pump efficiency while minimizing wear on tubing and rod strings. The PC-1 will also prevent the tubing or rods from falling should the tubing part.

The PC-1 Tubing Anchor Catcher is set/released rotationally and available in left hand or right hand set models dependent on application. There is also a secondary emergency safety shearusing alloy shear screws that are easily field adjustable in 2225 daN (5000 lb) increments.Carbide slips are available for all sizes of the PC-1 for use when the casing is damaged, scaly orgrade of 80 or higher. Unlike many similar anchor catcher designs Pinnacle’s PC-1 TubingAnchor Catcher is built standard in materials that meet NACE MR-01-75 specifications for H2S service.


Space out the PC-1 Tubing Anchor Catcher just above or below the pump seating nipple for best results and run tubing to desired depth. Rotate the tubing to the left (left hand set model) to set the PC-1. The number of turns to set the anchor catcher varies depending on size and weight of casing it is being set in. Hold left hand torque into tubing and conduct a compression test to ensure the slips are holding. Set down 4,000 to 7,000 daN (9,000 to 15,700 lbs) multiple times each time picking back up to neutral. Pick up to confirm desired amount of tension is in tubing string and tubing space out is correct. Put tubing string in tension using conventional methods.

To retrieve the PC-1 Tubing Anchor Catcher rotate the tubing string to the right (left hand set model) while in neutral. If the PC-1 does not release with normal procedures pull the requiredpre-set tension above string weight releasing the anchor using the emergency secondary shearrelease system.


  • Tough and reliable design.
  • Sets and releases using tubing rotation.
  • Available in right hand set/left hand release model.
  • Field adjustable secondary emergency shear release.
  • Retrievable, double grip design.
  • Slips are fully retracted after releasing preventing slip damage.


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