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PFU Sliding Sleeve



PFU Sliding Sleeves are used to establish communication between the tubing string and the casing annulus for single or multiple-tubing string completions. Other applications include equalizing pressure between an isolated formation and the tubing string, spot acidizing and fracturing, killing a well, and directing the flow from the casing to the tubing in alternate or selective completions. As an option, sizeable chokes can be installed in the sliding sleeve to adjust the flow rate through the opening to the casing annulus. These sliding sleeves feature heavy duty elastomeric seals to reduce the possibility of total seal failure, and equalizing slots in the inner sleeve permit gradual equalization between the tubing and casing annulus. These sleeves may be ordered with Otis®style X and R-type and Baker® style F and R-type landing nipple profiles or Pinnacle equivalent.


PFU-Series Sliding Sleeves can be opened or closed using an Otis® ‘B’shifting tool and standard wireline and coiled tubing methods. The PFU Sliding Sleeve shifts up to open and down to close, and the PFD Sliding Sleeve shifts down to open and up to close. The sliding sleeve is assembled to form part of the tubing string. For a11 PFU/PFD Sliding Sleeves with ‘PX’, ‘PF’, and ‘PR’nipple profiles, separation tools and packoffs are available. Equalizing pressure between the tubing and casing annulus is normally accomplished by applying pressure or filling the tubing or casing with fluid. The sliding sleeve can also be opened even if facilities for equalizing pressures beforehand are not available. This requires careful monitoring of tubing and annulus pressures while slowly opening the sleeve until equalization.


• Compact modular design.
• Available with Otis® and Baker® style landing nipple profiles.
• Allows communication between tubing and casing.
• Durable chevron type elastomeric seals.
• Compatible with industry standard wireline tools.
• Comes standard in shift up to open design with optional shift down design available (PFD).
• Available in a variety of materials and seal configurations.
• Available in a variety of threaded connections.


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