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The Pinnacle PC Unloader is a tension set unloader valve usually run above the P-104 Tension Squeeze Packer to equalize tubing and annulus pressure or to circulate and spot fluids.

The heavy duty collet design allows the PC Unloader to be run in the open position allowing fluid to pass while running and retrieving preventing the packer from swabbing or surging the wellbore. The PC Unloader closes with tension and opens when tubing weight is applied.


Attach to tubing and run the PC Unloader in conjunction with a double grip packer to setting depth. Once packer has been set, tubing tension will overcome collet force and close equalizing ports.

To open PC Unloader simply set down tubing weight overcoming collet strength and opening equalizing ports.


  • Field proven design.
  • Simple operation.
  • Full bore.
  • Heavy duty components for repeated use.
  • Large bypass area.


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