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Model PJ Straddle Packer Assembly



The Model PJ Straddle Packer Assembly is a tandem packer type selective tool used to isolate a pre-determined length of perforations for stimulation or testing purposes. It is generally available with spacing of 0.8 m (2.5 ft) up to 3 m (10 ft). Featuring two sets of three packing elements and large automatic equalizing systems, the Model PJ uses button type hydraulic hold down slips with an integral balance piston to fix it securely under high pressure differential.

A wireline retrievable drop bar is used to blank off below the tool, and if necessary a wireline blanking plug or pump out plug may be substituted.

The Model PJ Straddle Packer Assembly is usually run in conjunction with a MBV By-Pass Valve, PA or PD Fluid Control Valve, FCV Fluid Control Valve Seating Nipple, MCCL Mechanical Collar Locator and Drop Bar Blanking Sub.


The Model PJ Staddle Packer Assembly is run into the well with the MBV By-Pass Valve open to a position above or below the perforations. Drop bar or other blanking device must be present below the PJ Straddle Packer Assembly at this time. The tubing is rotated 4 turns to the left to close the By-Pass Valve and place the Straddle Packer Assembly in the set position. The required amount of tubing weight is then slacked off onto the assembly to pack off the elements. The assembly may now be pressure tested against the blank casing. The tools are then released by picking up on the tubing and rotating to the right 4 turns to open the MBV By-Pass Valve and lock the slips in the running position. The tools may now be moved to the first interval to be tested or treated. If using a PA or PD Fluid Control Valve it would be dropped at this time. If necessary the By-Pass Valve may be opened to circulate fluid to bottom. All that is necessary to move the tools to a higher position in the well is to pick the tools up to that position and slack weight off onto the tools again. If the tools are being used for selective acidizing purposes, it is recommended that the stages are done from the bottom up. If the tools are to be moved to a lower position in the well, it will be necessary to unset the packers before moving down. The By-Pass Valve should be opened before retrieving the tools from the well.Features


• Durable design.
• Reliable three element design.
• Space out with standard API tubing.
• Large internal bypass to prevent swabbing and ensure smooth run in.
• Available with carbide slips and drag blocks.
• Balance piston ensures packers stay set under high differential pressure


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