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HM-1 Bridge Plug



The HM-1 Bridge Plug allows fluid flow from both directions before setting. Pinnacle’s HM-1 Bridge Plug is a permanent, drillable cast-iron bridge plug set with hydraulic pressure and mechanical force to isolate the lower part of a wellbore. Available in 34.5 MPa and 69 MPa (5,000 and 10,000 psi) models up to 219.08 mm (8 5/8”) O.D. The HM-1 Bridge Plug comes with durable one piece cast iron slips, one piece element and anti extrusion rings. The plug uses an HM-1 Hydraulic-Mechanical Setting Tool to set it.


• The compact design enables use in deviated wells.
• One piece slips and pinned body parts minimize the risk of premature setting.
• Hydraulic pressure combined with mechanical pull to set.
• Body parts keyed for milling/drilling out.
• Construction with drillable materials enables the plug to be milled or drilled out to save the time and expense of retrieval.
• Can be cost effective when compared to wireline costs.
• Higher temperature rated element available on request.
• Available in 34.5 mPa and 69 mPa (5,000 psi and 10,000 psi) models up to 219.08 mm (8 5/8”) O.D.
• Standard packing element rated at 1500C (3000F).


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