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P-104 Tension Squeeze Packer



The Pinnacle P-104 Tension Squeeze Packer is a full bore, tension set squeeze packer that holds pressure from above and below and used for squeeze cementing, casing integrity tests, formation fracturing and high pressure treating operations. The P-104 Tension Squeeze Packer can be used at any depth in a well but is traditionally used at shallower depths where sufficient tubing weight is not available to pack-off compression set squeeze packers. The P-104 does not have an inner bypass and for this reason is normally run with the PC Unloader which allows circulation above the tool, aids in spotting fluids and equalizes tubing and annulus pressures before, after and during retrieving.


The P-104 Tension Squeeze Packer and PC Unloader assembly are run to desired setting depth. Make the last tubing movement down, then apply right hand torque while moving the tubing upward. This will release the P-104 slip assembly from the running position and continued upward movement will pack-off the elements and close the PC Unloader. The amount of tension that needs to be applied is dependent on packer size and anticipated well conditions. To open the PC Unloader simply apply tubing weight to equalize pressure or establish circulation.

To release the P-104 assembly slack-off tubing weight to open the bypass and equalize any pressure differential across packer. Next move tubing upward while holding left hand torque to re-jay the P-104 into the run position.

The P-104 has a right hand rotational safety release system. Releasing the packer using this method will equalize pressure across the packer and will enable it to be unset. Once this method has been used the P-104 cannot be re-set.


  • Durable.
  • Full bore design.
  • Reliable 3 element design.
  • Double grip slips hold pressure from above and below.
  • Full circulation is possible while slips are still set.
  • Emergency rotational release system.
  • J-slot design reduces debris build-up


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