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PL-8K and PL-10K On-Off Assemblies



The PL-8K and PL-10K On-Off assemblies allow the tubing string to be disconnected above a packer. It contains an internal lock profile in the stinger for landing a wireline plug to provide zonal isolation below the packer. The PL-8K/10K have two basic components: the overshot, which is connected to the tubing string; and the stinger, which is connected to the packer. The overshot disengages with either standard left hand release or optional right hand quarter turn release. The PL-8K/10K overshot can be pinned open or closed depending on application. The washover shoe on the overshot allows cutting through debris. The bonded seals in the On-Off Tool are retrieved with the overshot to allow for redress. The stinger is available with all common wireline profiles, and allows the use of industry standard blanking plugs, standing valves, and regulators. The PL-10K On-Off Assembly has a 69 Mpa (10,000 psi) pressure rating. The PL-8K On/Off Assembly is the same in operation as the PL-10K On/Off Assembly but is built to NACE MR-01-75 specifications for H2S service. The PL-8K On-Off Assembly is rated to 51 Mpa (7,500 psi)


  • Standard left-hand quarter turn release, optional right-hand release
  • Bonded seals allow multiple disconnects without retrieval
  • Can be pinned in the open or closed position
  • Available with common wireline profiles
  • Washover shoe cuts through debris
  • Seals retrieved with overshot for redress
  • Allows use of packer as bridge plug
  • Allows packer to be mechanical, hydraulic or wireline set
  • PL-10K On-Off Assembly has a 69 Mpa (10,000 psi) pressure rating
  • PL-8K On-Off Assembly has a 51 Mpa (7,500 psi) pressure rating

PL-8K and PL-10K On-Off Assemblies

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