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Hydro Trip Sub



The Hydro Trip Sub is designed specifically to provide a method of blanking off the tubing in order to set hydraulically actuated packers. Once the ball seat is sheared the Hydro Trip Sub is full tubing I.D. This feature allows the sub the flexibility to be run in almost any location in the tubing string since the only part expended is the ball. The Hydro Trip Sub is available in a wide variety of material and tubing connections.


To set a hydraulic packer the ball is gravitated into the ball seat of the Hydro Trip Sub. Pressure is applied to fully set the packer. Once the packer is set continue to apply tubing pressure until the shear value is reached of the Hydro Trip Sub. This will shift the collet down, releasing the fingers and dropping the ball through the sub. The collet locks into place once shifted with full unrestricted I.D through the sub.


• Flexible design.
• Full unrestricted I.D. once shifted.
• Collet locks in place after shifting.
• Adjustable shear value.
• Available in a wide variety of material and connections.


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