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PX-6W Wireline Set, Double Grip Packer



The PX-6W is the Wireline Set version of the PX-6 Double Grip Retrievable Packer. The PX6W uses the PL On-Off Stinger and WLAK Wireline Adapter Kit to allow it to be set on wireline or a hydraulic setting tool. This packer configuration allows for less equipment and tubing trips over conventional wireline set seal bore production packers, with the added benefit of converting the tool to a tubing set version if desired. When run with the WLAK Wireline Adapter Kit, a blanking plug can be run in place above the PX-6W in the On-Off Stinger converting the tool into a temporary bridge plug.


The PX-6W may be run in and set on the Baker Type E-4 wireline setting tool (or equivalent) or set on tubing or coiled tubing using a Pinnacle Hydraulic Setting Tool. Once set connect the tubing string to the packer using a PL On-Off Overshot and remove or relocate the wireline blanking plug if required.

With tubing weight on the packer, apply right hand torque. Pick up the tubing string, opening the bypass valve and equalizing pressure across the packer. Continue picking up to release the elements and lock the PX-6W into the running position. The tool may now be retrieved from the well.

NOTE: The PX-6W cannot be re-set once unset.


• Rugged and versatile packer.
• Full bore.
• Rated to 41 MPa (6,000 psi) in most sizes.
• Holds medium pressure differential from above or below.
• Released with a quarter turn to the right.
• Field proven releasing system.
• Optional safety release features.
• Elastomer options available for hostile environments.
• Bypass valve is below upper slips so debris is washed from slips when the valve is opened.
• Wireline set but can be converted to run mechanically.
• Can be left in tension, compression, or neutral


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