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Drag Block Assembly



The Pinnacle Drag Block Assembly is designed with rugged Drag Blocks and corrosion resistant springs. It is commonly run to anchor the SST Selective Treating Assembly, enabling torque transmission to the Pinnacle MBV By-Pass Valve. The centralizing effect of the Drag Block Assembly increases tool life, especially with Cup Type Tools.


The Pinnacle Drag Block Assembly is simply installed on the tubing string. It requires no tool manipulation to work. It will give trouble free service while both running in and out of the wellbore.


  • Rugged drag block design with wear indicators.
  • Durable, trouble free corrosion resistant leaf springs.
  • Reliable trouble free operation.
  • Centralization of tool string decreases tool wear caused by contact with casing.
  • Anchors tool string so rotational tools may be functioned.


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