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SBRP-1 Retrievable Sealbore Packer



The SBRP-1 Retrievable Sealbore Packer is a One Trip, Hydraulic-Set, Retrievable Seal Bore Packer that combines the features of a permanent packer with the flexibility of a retrievable packer. The SBRP-1 is used for oil and gas production, gravel packing or injection applications. The flexible design of the SBRP-1 allow it to be fitted with common seal bore accessories. It is retrieved with a SBRP retrieving tool on a workstring. Rotationally locked components expedite milling when retrieval is not possible. The SBRP-1 is available in a wide variety of materials and elastomer combinations to suit even the most hostile environments


• One trip installations save time.
• Retrievable Seal Bore Packer.
• Available with Latch or locator Seal Assembly.
• Body parts are rotationally locked for rotating into liner tops and for ease in milling.
• No rotation required running or retrieving the packer.
• Setting components below the element for reliability.
• Accepts common Permanent Packer accessories.
• Available in a wide variety of materials and elastomer combinations.


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