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PRCP Retrievable Casing Patch



The PRCP Retrievable Casing Patch is designed to straddle corroded areas or perforations in the casing. The large bore design allows for larger tubing string sizes for well completion. The PRCP Retrievable Casing Patch is run and set on the tubing string using the appropriate setting tool. Once set the running/setting tools are retrieved from the well and the Casing patch is left to sit independently in the well bore. The full bore I.D. allows various tubing strings to be run through the PRCP Retrievable Casing Patch if needed. The PRCP Retrievable Casing Patch can be set mechanically or hydraulically. The internal ratchet mechanism of the PRCP locks the assembly in the set position and the pack-off force into the elements. The PRCP Retrievable Casing Patch is set hydraulically by applying a pre-determined pressure through a special hydraulic setting tool which engages the slips and ratchet system and completes the element pack-off. Whether the PRCP is mechanically or hydraulically set, the assembly can be released by engaging a spear into the I.D. of the upper packer and jarring the PRCP into the released position.


• Simple operation.
• Full bore design.
• Retrievable.
• Deep wide wicker slips.
• Internal ratchet system to lock in element pack-off force.
• Mechanical or hydraulic set.
• Reliable triple element sealing system.
• Available in a variety of material and seal configurations with optional threaded connections.
• Once set in well bore it is independent from tubing string.
• Cost effective alternative to expensive and unreliable remedial work to fix casing.


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