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SST Selective Stimulation Assembly



The SST Cup Type Selective Treating Assembly is designed to selectively treat pre-determined perforated intervals. The SST will isolate intervals from 0.3 m (1 ft) to any length by the addition of standard tubing pup joints. A large built-in annular bypass, makes the SST easy to run and retrieve. The retrievable control bar is used to blank off the lower portion below the stimulation ports.

The SST Cup Type Selective Treating Assembly is usually made up on tubing as follows (top to bottom):

  • Pinnacle model MBV By-Pass Valve.
  • Pinnacle model FCV Fluid Control Valve Landing Nipple.
  • Pinnacle model P-3 Compression Set Retrievable Packer (if required).
  • Pinnacle Drag Block Assembly.
  • Pinnacle model SST Cup Type Selective Treating Assembly.
  • Pinnacle MCCL Mechanical Casing Collar Locator.

NOTE: It is highly recommended to run a casing scraper below the perforations to be treated before running the SST assembly to prevent failure of the packer cups.

The SST assembly is normally run into the well with the circulating valve open and to a depth just above the perforated interval(s) to be stimulated. The circulation valve is closed and the control bar is dropped from surface (or run in place), to pressure test the SST’s complete assembly. Opening the circulation valve will equalize the tubing to annulus. The SST tool can now be returned to the proper stimulation interval by dropping the fluid control valve and closing the circulation valve, a feed rate can be taken. Opening the circulation valve will permit the treating fluid to be circulated to the SST tool for treatment. By closing the circulation valve the stimulation treatment can be performed.

To move the SST tool to a new interval for further treatment, pick up on the work string each interval until completed. To test the treated intervals, move the complete assembly above the perforations and set the packer. (It is recommended to pull both the control bar and fluid control valve to prevent them from flowing to surface. This is especially critical when flowing at high rates through restrictive tubing I.D’s.

To retrieve the SST assembly, open the circulating valve to equalize and remove the work string from the well.

NOTE: See pages 21 and 22 in this section for common SST bottom hole assemblies and illustrations.


  • Rugged cups available in standard or heavy duty, and in a variety of hardnesses and materials.
  • Simple operation.
  • Control bar and fluid control valve retrievable on wireline.
  • Large internal bypass for ease of running an retrieving.
  • Adjustable treating intervals.


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