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PGV-6 Gas Vent Casing Patch System



The Pinnacle PGV-6 Gas Vent Casing Patch System combines an upper compression set packer system with the Pinnacle PFB Casing Packer to create a unique design that allows it to be run and set on the tubing string. Once set the tubing is free to manipulate other down hole tools and the micro annulus between the patch pipe and tubing string allows fluid bypass or gas to vent past the PGV-6 packers. The PGV-6 Gas Vent Casing Patch System can be used in tension or compression, but is ideally suited for pumping wells with the tubing string landed in tension. The PGV-6 is designed with a triple element system and deep wide wicker/carbide slip configuration for setting in heavily corroded casing. The Pinnacle PGV-6 Gas Vent Casing Patch System releases with a straight pull release.


• Full bore design allows maximum tubing size.
• Triple element system insures sealing.
• Clutch system allows manipulation of packer system.
• No O-ring seals in critical areas.
• Straight pull on tubing to release.
• Once set tubing can be left in tension, compression or neutral.
• Allows fluid/gas bypass in annulus.
• Available in a variety of material and seal configurations with optional threaded connections.
• Cost effective alternative to expensive and unreliable remedial work to fix casing.


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