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HM-1B Hydraulic Mechanical Setting Tool



The HM-1B Hydraulic Mechanical Setting Tool is used for setting HM-1 Permanent Bridge Plugs on tubing. Total combination of pressure and tubing tension is utilized to set the HM-1B Permanent Bridge Plug. The HM-1B Hydraulic Mechanical Setting Tool allows communication between casing and tubing before and after setting operations. If the HM-1B Setting tool is converted to run a “one step abandonment” with cement slurry in the tubing, the HM-1B Setting Tool will only drain and allow circulation once dis-engaged from the HM-1B Permanent Bridge Plug. The HM-1B Hydraulic Mechanical Setting Tool/HM-1B Permanent Bridge Plug combination can be run in conjunction with other equipment.

Changing the setting sleeve enables one tool to be used for 114.3 mm to 139.7 mm (4 1/2” to 5 1/2”) casing. Right hand rotation of the tubing string releases the HM-1B Setting Tool from the plug.


While running the HM-1B Hydraulic-Mechanical Setting Tool and HM-1B Permanent Bridge Plug combination to setting depth care must be taken not to preset the bridge plug while entering the wellbore, running too fast, tagging fluid too hard or stopping abruptly. The tubing will automatically fill as the bridge plug is run in.

Once at setting depth, pressure up to the required pressure (See specification chart next page) to set the bridge plug top slip. In low fluid level wells the difference in hydrostatic pressure between the tubing and the casing acts as a pressure setting force. With the setting pressure held, apply tension (See specification chart next page) to complete the setting of the bridge plug.

To disengage the setting tool from the bridge plug apply a constant amount of tension 500 daN (1125 lbs) and rotate the tubing approximately 10 to 12 turns to the right.


• Simple, reliable operation.
• Sets HM-1B Permanent Bridge Plug with a combination of hydraulic and mechanically applied force.
• Allows circulation after setting HM-1B Permanent Bridge Plug.
• All setting tool components retrieved. • Can be easily converted to do one step abandonments.


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