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PCR J-Latch Stinger Seal Assembly



The PCR J-Latch Stinger Seal Assembly provides a positive latch for operating the sleeve valve inside a PCR Cement Retainer. It also isolates pressure between the tubing and annulus. The PCR J-Latch Stinger Seal Assembly locks into the retainer with a quarter turn to the left and releases with a quarter turn or multiple rotations to the right with an emergency shear release. It is recommended to run the PCR J-latch at shallow depths where hydrostatic or pump pressure may overcome available tubing string weight and pump the Stinger Seal Assembly out of the retainer causing a loss in pressure integrity


• Positive and reliable J-latch system.
• Isolates pressure between the tubing and annulus.
• Prevents stinger seal assembly from getting pumped out of cement retainer.
• Quarter left hand lock/right hand or rotational release.
• Optional pull shear safety release.
• Positive latch provides indication of stinger position.
• Same tool operates the valve of several sizes of PCR Cement Retainers.


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