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MCCL Mechanical Collar Locator



The Pinnacle MCCL Mechanical Casing Collar Locator provides a simple and reliable method of locating casing collars with the tubing string to correlate the tubing depth to the wellbore logged depth. The collar locator engages the recesses between casing joints where the tallied depth in hole can then be compared to the logged depth of the same casing collar and a tubing tally correction made.

The MCCL Mechanical Casing Collar Locator is also useful to prevent tools from being set in casing joint recesses preventing costly mis-runs and ensuring optimum tool performance.


The MCCL Mechanical Casing Collar Locator is installed as an integral part of the tubing string. Run the tool string to the required depth. Watch the weight indicator while slowly raising the tubing string. When the casing collar indicating tabs engage the casing joint recess it will show at surface as an over pull or extra weight on the weight indicator. Refer to the wireline collar logs to determine the depth of the tubing string at the MCCL Mechanical Collar Locator.


  • Rugged casing collar indicating tab design.
  • Durable, trouble free corrosion resistant leaf springs.
  • Reliable trouble free operation.
  • Centralization of tool string decreases tool wear caused by contact with casing.
  • MCCL body swivels to prevent interference when setting mechanical tools.


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