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HC-1 Hydraulic Set Tubing Anchor



The Pinnacle HC-1 Hydraulic Set Tubing Anchor is designed to anchor the tubing string in tension or compression in wells of any depth. The retrievable, double grip design prevents movement of the tubing string during pumping operations and greatly increases pump efficiency while minimizing wear on the tubing and rod strings. The HC-1 will also prevent the tubing or rod string from falling if either should part. The HC-1 Hydraulic Set Tubing Anchor is pull shear released and uses alloy shear screws adjustable in 2225 daN (5,000 lb) increments.


Attach tubing anchor to tubing and run to desired depth. Space out tubing using conventional methods in compression, tension or neutral. If a temporary plugging device is not already in the tubing string one must be installed before setting. Apply tubing pressure against temporary plug-ging device installed below anchor to set tubing anchor.

A straight pull on the tubing string above the pre-determined tubing anchor shear out force will release the anchor for retrieval.


  • Rugged design.
  • Shear pinned to prevent premature setting.
  • Straight pull to release.
  • Adjustable shear to release.
  • Sets in tension or compression.
  • Double grip design prevents upward or downward movement.


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