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Pinn Port Communication Sleeve



A high performance purpose built, ball activated ported sleeve, the Pinn Port Communication Sleeve was designed as an annular communication device, and is part of the PINN POINT MultiStage Stimulation System. On the fly ball activation is able to open sleeves, independently accessing a pre-selected section of formation for treatment. Up to 19 Pinn Port Communication Sleeves are able to be stacked in a single installation. The composite ball design is unique in that it assures extreme high strength for large volume, high pressure fracture treatments. The geometry of the seat and material structure also guarantee simple, fast, full mono bore I.D. drill out post treatment if required. In applications for which it may be desireable to close a particular sleeve, the Pinn Port is available in a selective open/ close version. This may be used at any time after drill out of the ball seat. Field proven design of the activation balls provide impact resistance and compressive load capability, as well as low density ease of retrieval or drill out.

The extremely compact Pinn Port design of 0.63 m (25”) in length and 139.7 mm (5.50”) O.D. provides ease of handling and rig floor make up, trouble free deployment into difficult well profiles, and liner flexibility. The Pinn Port communication sleeve is rated at 69,000 kPa (10,000 psi) differential pressure. Available in a wide variety of materials and thread connections.


• The compact design of the Pinn Port Communication Sleeve provides the user with reduced leak paths, and ease of handling. It also eliminates the need for handling pup joints, ensures trouble free deployment into difficult well profiles, and increases liner flexibility.
• Reliable ball activation system.
• Fully selective open/ close version available.
• Specifically designed for open hole multi-stage stimulation applications.
• Seats are able to accommodate high volume, high pressure abrasive proppant fracture treatments.
• The material structure and geometry of the seats ensures a fast and trouble free drill out.
• Composite activation balls combine high strength and low density.
• Full mono-bore I.D. throughout the sleeve after drill out.
• Communication port flow area and liner I.D. area are equal.
• Field adjustable opening pressure.
• Corrosion resistant alloys are available for hostile environments.
• Premium threads available. • 69,000 kPa (10,000 psi) differential pressure rating.

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