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Anchor Pak Hydraulic Set Open Hole Anchor Packer



Designed for open hole applications, the Anchor Pak is a purpose built, high performance, single element hydraulic set anchor packer. It is part of the PINN POINT Multi-Stage Stimulation System. During formation treatments, the Anchor Pak not only provides secure, reliable, high pressure annular isolation but also a robust anchor point between open hole and the liner/casing.

The Anchor Pak is set by applying pressure to the tubing string and has a one piece mandrel that reduces leak paths and allows torquing through during makeup. The fully secured, high performance element packing system withstands extreme differential pressure cycles when set and resists swab off. All components of the Anchor Pak are locked to prevent premature setting during installation. The unique slip design ensures a secure bite into the formation while displacing the anchor force evenly among 12 bi-directional slip faces preventing unwanted formation damage. The compact design of 146.05 mm (5.75”) is rated in 152.4 mm to 165.1 mm (6” to 6.5”) hole at a full 69,000 kPa (10,000 psi) differential pressure. Available in a wide variety of materials and thread connections.


• Compact design allows for trouble free deployment.
• 146.05 mm (5.75”) O.D. rated for use in152.4 mm to 165.1 mm (6” to 6.5”) hole.
• One piece mandrel design reduces leak paths.
• Body components locked to prevent premature setting.
• Full mono-bore I.D.
• Set by applying pressure to the tubing string.
• Specifically designed for open hole multi-stage stimulation applications.
• Reliable, fully secure, high pressure packing element system.
• Corrosion resistant alloys available for hostile environments.
• Premium thread connections available.
• Differential pressure of 69,000 kPa (10,000 psi).

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