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PD Fluid Control Valve



The PD Fluid Control Valve is a retrievable, pressure actuated valve used to provide surface control over fluid injected into wells with low reservoir pressures by supporting the hydrostatic head in the tubing. The valve is fully adjustable and is surface set for the required pressure before being installed in the tubing string. The PD Fluid Control Valve may be run in place in the tubing, on wireline, or can be dropped from surface if there is enough fluid present in the tubing. The FCV Fluid Control Valve Seating Nipple must be run as part of the tubing string.

The PD Fluid Control Valve is usually used in conjunction with Selective Stimulation Tools to provide control of fluid volumes pumped when selectively acidizing low reservoir pressure wells. The PD Fluid Control Valve operates using hydrostatic pressure in the tubing. Annulus pressure and formation pressure do not effect the valve operation. The standard version may be adjusted to hold tubing pressures from 7,000 kPa (1,000 psi) to 31,000 kPa (4,500 psi). The valve may be changed to a high pressure version to hold pressures up to 41,000 kPa (6,000 psi).

The PD Fluid Control Valve utilizes specially designed chemical and wear resistant seals to ensure problem free operation. An extended filter tube is run on this valve to ensure debris cannot get into the valve during pumping operations.


Normally a model FCV Landing Nipple is installed in the tubing string at the required point and run to depth. The PD Fluid Control Valve is surface set to support the required hydrostatic pressure including opening pressure and can be run in place, wireline set or more commonly dropped from surface as long as enough fluid is present in the tubing string. Once the fluid control valve has seated it is ready for use. Once seated in the fluid control valve nipple, it is functioned by the application or removal of pressure on the tubing string. The valve will close each time pressure at the tool falls below the pre-set opening pressure. The valve can be functioned as many times as needed.

The PD Fluid Control Valve can be circulated out or retrieved on wireline or sandline using standard wireline pulling tools.

NOTE: The PD Fluid Control Valve may come to surface when circulating or flowing the tubing. It is good practice to pull the Fluid Control Valve before carrying out either of these operations.


• Provides surface pressure control of injection fluids.
• Operates by tubing pressure only.
• Unaffected by formation or annulus pressure.
• Durable chemical and wear resistant seals.
• Surface set to hold hydrostatic pressure above fluid control valve.
• High pressure version available up to 41,000 kPa (6,000 psi).
• Can be run in place, on wireline or if there is sufficient fluid in tubing dropped from surface.


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