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Model A Tubing Dump Bailer



The Model A Tubing Dump Bailer provides a simple and economical method for carrying cement slurry into the well bore. Tubing acts as the housing and method of transfer to the wellbore bottom. The Model A Tubing Dump Bailer may also be fitted with a crossover to sandline or braided line to do the same job. Since this style of Dump Bailer doesn’t require expensive pumping equipment to operate, the Model A is ideal for abandonments that involve placing cement on top of a permanent bridge plug. The Model A is pressure balanced and shear pinned to prevent accidental opening. Once shifted open a latch locks the Model A valve open.


Attach the Model A Tubing Dump Bailer on the bottom of a joint of tubing using enough tubing to house the cement slurry. Run the Dump Bailer on tubing or braided line (using appropriate adapter) to bottom. Tag permanent bridge plug hard enough to shear the anti pre-set pins and trip the valve. The tool will lock in the open position. Pick up the tubing or braided line to help the cement displace. Pull tools from wellbore.


  • Simple to use and economical.
  • Shear pinned to prevent premature opening.
  • Pressure balanced valve.
  • Valve locks in the opened position once tripped.
  • Run on tubing or braided line.
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