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PL Sliding Sleeve



The PL Sliding Sleeve is a downhole device normally screwed on the production tubing that allows communication between the tubing and casing. It is used to selectively produce zones in multi-zone completions, stimulate and test zones, displace tubing or casing once the wellhead is installed, kill the well by circulation and allows for the circulation of treatment chemicals or agents. The shifting sleeve has bonded seals to ensure maximum seal integrity for extended periods of time downhole. The PL Sliding Sleeve’s upper sub has a PF Wireline Profile machined into it. The lower sub has a matching seal bore I.D. The PF Wireline Profile allows for the proper shifting of the sleeve, and provides a profile to locate and lock into place various flow control devices which may be required from time to time. Pinnacle’s PL sliding sleeve is available in a variety of material, seal and thread combinations.


The PL Sliding Sleeve is shifted open using a PD-2 Shifting Tool. Upward jarring opens the shifting sleeve and downward jarring closes it. The PL sliding sleeve is designed so that normal wireline operations will not open or close it accidentally.


• Allows communication between tubing and casing.
• Durable bonded seals.
• Upper sub has a PF wireline profile machined into it. The lower sub has a matching seal bore I.D.
• Compatible with industry standard wireline tools.
• Comes standard in shift up to open design.
• Available in a variety of materials and seal configurations.
• Available in a variety of threaded connections.


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