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Crest Pak Anchor Seal Assembly



Designed to work in conjunction with the PINN POINT Multi-Stage Stimulation System, the Crest Pak Anchor Seal Assembly is a high performance, purpose built tool that works as a disconnect and connection point for the Crest Pak Liner Hanger Packer. The operator is able to run the system into the hole utilizing the weight of the drill pipe. The drill pipe and Anchor Seal Assembly may be removed once the liner packer is set in place. To carry out fracturing operations, the production or work string may be installed with the Crest Pak Anchor Seal Assembly.

Slight tension is required when releasing the latch, which is followed by a minimum of twelve turns to the right. Chevron or bonded dynamic seals or a combination of both are used with the Anchor Seal Assembly. This provides reliable pressure sealing even after repeated connections and disconnections. The Crest Pak Anchor Seal Assembly is rated at 69,000 kPa (10,000 psi) differential pressure. Available in a wide variety of materials and elastomer configurations.


• Right hand rotation with slight tension to release the tool.
• Seal integrity is maintained by chevron or bonded seals.
• Designed specifically for multi-stage stimulation applications.
• Anchor Seal Assembly has a full mono-bore I.D.
• Corrosion resistant alloys are available for hostile environments.
• Available with standard and premium thread connections.
• Differential pressure rating of 69,000 kPa (10,000 psi).


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