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SBAK Seal Bore Packer Adapter Kit



Pinnacle’s SBAK Seal Bore Packer Adapter Kit is used to set Pinnacle Seal Bore Permanent Packers on tubing or drill pipe. The modular design permits tailoring the setting tool to adapt to various Pinnacle Seal Bore Packers. The SBAK Seal Bore Adapter Kit permits annulus testing after setting the packer and is released by right hand rotation or shear release depending on model. The ball seat may be sheared after setting the packer to allow the setting string to drain during trip-out.


  • High setting forces, up to 150,000 lbs.
  • Packer may be set with pressure only, or pressure and tension.
  • Modular design for a variety of completion needs.
  • Circulation permitted before packer is set.
  • Large fluid passages will not plug in heavy mud.
  • Packer seal permits testing annulus before release from the packer.
  • Shear out ball seat permits tool to drain during trip-out.
  • Elastomers suitable for up to 400°F, higher temp kit available.
  • Ideal for highly deviated and horizontal wells.
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