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HM-1 Hydraulic Mechanical Setting Tool/HM-1 Bridge Plug



Pinnacle’s HM-2 Bridge Plug is a permanent, drillable cast-iron bridge plug set with hydraulic pressure and mechanical pull to isolate the lower part of a wellbore. The HM-2 Bridge Plug allows fluid flow from both directions until a ball is gravitated down into the landing seat. Available in 34.5 MPa and 69 MPa (5,000 and 10,000 psi) models. The HM-2 Bridge Plug comes with durable one piece cast iron slips, one piece element and anti extrusion rings on the high pressure model. The HM-2 Bridge Plug uses a built in hydraulic setting chamber that when the appropriate amount of hydraulic force is applied breaks the top slip and tension is then applied to finish the setting sequence


While running the HM-2 Hydraulic-Mechanical Bridge Plug to setting depth care must be taken not to pre-set the bridge plug while entering the wellbore, running too fast, tagging fluid too hard or stopping abruptly. The tubing will automatically fill as the bridge plug is run in. The phenolic ball may be run in place or dropped once at the required depth.

Once the ball is seated, pressure up to the required pressure (See specification chart next page) to set the bridge plug top slip. In low fluid level wells the difference in hydrostatic pressure between the tubing and the casing acts as a pressure setting force. With the setting pressure held, apply tension (See specification chart next page) to complete the setting of the bridge plug. To disengage the tubing adapter from the bridge plug apply a constant amount of tension 500 daN (1125 lbs) and rotate the tubing approximately 10 turns to the right.


• The compact design enables use in deviated wells.
• One piece slips and pinned body parts minimize the risk of premature setting.
• Hydraulic pressure combined with mechanical pull to set.
• Body parts keyed for milling/drilling out.
• Construction with drillable materials enables the plug to be milled or drilled out to save the time and expense of retrieval.
• Available in 34.5 MPa and 69 MPa (5,000 and 10,000 psi) models.
• Depending on well conditions may be cost effective when compared to wireline costs.
• The HM-2 Bridge Plug allows fluid flow from both directions before setting.
• Release run in sub by right hand rotational release once set.
• Standard packing element rated at 1500C (3000F).
• Sets in P-110 casing.
• Run in sub is full tubing I.D. when released from HM-2 bridge plug.
• Built in setting tool.


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