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Magnum Mill-EZ™ Composite Bridge Plug



The “MAGNUM MILL-EZ™” is a patented slim design Composite Bridge Plug. This tool is set like a conventional bridge plug. Because of its low metallic content the “MAGNUM MILLEZ™” can be quickly and easily milled and circulated back to surface. The patented bottom allows for easy milling of several plugs in the same well bore. This may be accomplished with conventional milling or drilling with a rig and tubing or with coiled tubing.


• Can be set on wireline, coiled tubing, or production tubing.
• Utilizes conventional setting tools.
• Multiple plugs can be run in a single wellbore.
• Mill or drill multiple plugs in one single trip.
• Can be milled or drilled with coiled tubing.
• Utilizes conventional milling or drilling tools.
• High differential pressure rating.
• Patented wash-thru bottom to aid in milling multiple plugs.


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